The definition of me time as found on Google is:
me time

  1. time spent relaxing on one’s own as opposed to working or doing things for others, seen as an opportunity to reduce stress or restore energy.
    “schedule some me time when you get home”



As a mom of three children under the age of 10, I found this concept to be foreign to me when suggested by my therapist  almost a year ago.  Where was this magical time where no one needed anything from me and I could do something solely for my own pleasure?  Where has this moment been hiding where the kids aren’t fighting, hungry, or  have a dirty diaper ?  How had this magical “me time” eluded me for so long?  When did I turn from Brittany into just mommy or Charley’s wife?  We are all guilty of it, at least all moms that I know, we sacrifice ourselves in favor of creating a happy home.  We forget to eat, we definitely don’t sleep, and most days we live in yesterday’s makeup and yoga pants.  We squeak by like zombies through life. We sacrifice our mental well being and general health overall for the sake of a happy home.  It baffles me that it took a therapist and my family doctor telling me  to create some space and time for myself for me to actually get the concept.  We know that for our kids to function they need to eat and sleep properly. We allow our husbands to come home from work to clean clothes, hot meals, and a seat on the sofa. We know that for the car to go it needs proper maintenance and a full tank of gas.  We know that for our electronics to run they need to be charged.  So why is that we expect ourselves to function as moms and wives without that same need to be rested, fueled, and charged?  Sometimes me time is a 15 minute shower at 6 am, a 5 minute phone call outside on my deck to a friend, or just 10 minutes of deep breathing to keep this mommy from spewing fire like a dragon.  Then there are the rare blissful moments of “me time” on an all day all girl’s shopping trip, an hour long candle lit bubble bath, or a 30 minute trip to caffeine fueled nirvana at Starbucks.  Cut yourself a break! I see you out there struggling just like me and  all ready feeling guilty for even thinking about it.  However, I promise you that the house will still be dirty, the husband will still need something, and the kids will survive even if you take some time for yourself.

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