Introducing the Fur Babies

Let me introduce you to our crew of dogs.sir-ziggy

Ziggy is our resident Border Collie.  He’s actually Shelby’s dog, but loved by us all.  Ziggy enjoys long naps, sunbathing, and food.



Meet Snuggles!  Snuggles is our first family dog and a black lab pit mix.  He enjoys the outdoors, wallowing like a pig in the mud, and water of all kinds.



Zoey is a Shih Tzu- Chihuahua mix and the unquestionable Queen of the house.  Zoey enjoys being the boss, hiding snacks under mom’s pillow, and sleeping all day.



Zeus is the baby of the house and a black lab.  He enjoys running wild, food of all kinds, and lots of attention.



Storm is the newest member of our house and a stranger by no means.  She is a playful and loving black lab that belonged to my baby brother.  While I’ve always loved her, she now brings me an unexplained joy and comfort.  Storm loves playing with her toys, never-ending games of fetch, and being the center of attention.


That’s right  if you’ve been counting, we have 5 dogs.  They all have their own unique personalities and add to our family in their own way.  I wouldn’t trade the constant mess of mud and fur for anything.  I love them all!  When I am sad or anxious, they each show more care and concern than most people I have met. They are our fur babies!

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