So much has changed since my last post and so much is still the same.  Shelby moved out and all the way to Texas to live with her family. It wasn’t really planned out well thanks to me.  I had been feeling like she was unhappy here for sometime after Shaun’s death.  Neither of us really able to heal from that tragedy.  So while her family was up for a visit I suggested that she might want to go ahead and just go back to Texas with them. Very quickly, after that suggestion life as I knew it changed.  Ultimately this change has been better for us both, because in the end two broken halves didn’t make a whole.  I still miss her insanely and so do my kids, but we will be having a visit soon and hopefully celebrating!

Another outage came, and so off to work for my darling Boilermaker husband.  Again, ultimately better for our family. He’s been home since Shaun’s death and while I needed him at first it is now time to heal on my own.  Thus, I am living the single wife life taking care of the 3 kids, the 3 dogs, the 7 chickens, and the rest that Boyd Manor entails.  Ziggy moved with his mommy Shelby and Zoey unfortunately not fond of the kids found a home with my grandparents where she is surely a very spoiled pooch. We were gifted one gorgeous white silkie chicken and then 6 baby ISA Browns.

Charley and I have a brand new 2lb 15 oz niece as of August 29th, named for his late mother and we couldn’t be more excited to have this little ray of sunshine bring a ray of hope into this very dark year.  Stubborn like both of  her parents she insisted on making her arrival 10 weeks early, but she is pure perfection in every way.  She gives me something positive to focus on when the negatives try to take over.  Who doesn’t love shopping for adorable baby clothes?  Her pint-sized mom has also become a good friend of mine.  She’s just someone who gets what this life is like. As my darling brother-in-law is yet another Boilermaker.  Did  I mention my husband’s family is kind of filled with them?

On September 1st, I signed up for Weight Watchers.   Admittedly I let my grief and other emotions consume me.  I tried dealing with life by eating away all the stress and other feelings.  Through therapy, I am finding a new healthier me.  I’m working harder to take care of myself physically and emotionally.  I was also reminded by Shelby that I shouldn’t stop blogging just because people don’t like what I have to say about them.  1075 miles away and still a good friend I can count on when I let me get in the way of me.

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